I, being the Contractor, have agreed to provide services set out in clause 2 (and from the Terms of Use Agreement) hereof to Deeleeo Inc. AND the parties have agreed and do hereby agree that the terms of such agreement be put into writing. 


NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of their mutual promises and covenants both herein and in the Deeleeo Inc. Terms of Use Agreement, the parties agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:


  1. I understand that I am an independent contractor for Deeleeo Inc. This Agreement shall remain in full force and effective while I engage in and complete deliveries for Deeleeo Inc. through the Deeleeo Platform. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause.

  2. I, being the contractor (also known as a Deeleeo Delivery Agent), will perform the services described below.  Nothing contained in this contract will be construed as or have the effect of constituting a relationship of employer and employee between myself and Deeleeo Inc. My services as a Deeleeo Delivery Agent will include, successfully and in a respectful manner, pick up, transport and delivery packages per Deeleeo Customer’s requests via the Deeleeo Platform.

  3. I understand that amendments can be made at any time to this Agreement by Deeleeo Inc. and I will be provided with an updated copy to review and accept before signing to clarify if I wish to continue with the Agreement or decline.  If I decline, I understand I will not be able to use the Deeleeo Platform as a Deeleeo Delivery Agent.

  4. I understand that I am responsible for my own source withholdings, including but not limited to income tax with the Canada Revenue Agency, and that Deeleeo Inc. is not responsible for keeping track of my time and earnings.

  5. I understand that I am responsible for following all in-app processes at Pickup and Drop off locations, including but not limited to scanning label QR codes, identifying if the package is in good condition, taking and uploading photos for pickup and drop off proof. I understand that if I do not follow these instructions I may be penalized.

  6. I understand that my compensation as a Deeleeo Delivery Agent, being an independent contractor, will vary from time to time depending on the size of package, distance and time related variable per delivery. I understand that commission rates are calculated from the price of the total Delivery Fee (excluding Booking Fee) charged to the Customer who pays for the service on the Deeleeo Platform.

  7. I understand that disbursement of Delivery Agent commissions will be made biweekly to the direct deposit bank account information provided by the Delivery Agent’s Account, and if I request earlier or more frequent deposits I will be charged a $5 flat rate or 1.5% of the total earnings (whichever is larger), per request. 

  8. I understand that Deeleeo Inc. has the right to adjust commission compensation within each package size category for any delivery at any time. 

  9. The categorized deliveries take into account that Deeleeo Delivery Agents will be compensated for providing their time and effort towards safe and efficient deliveries based on various factors, which include, but not be limited to, those relating to package size and weight, delivery distance and time, and the provision of additional premium services (Deeleeo Inc. Pricing Model). In order to adapt to dynamic market conditions, Deeleeo Inc. reserves the right to amend and update its Pricing Model without notice. 

  10. I understand that any tips I receive for my services will be mine, and no accounting to Deeleeo Inc. is required.

  11. I understand it is not the responsibility of Deeleeo Inc. to reimburse me for personal expenses. I will not be compensated for personal expenses incurred during Deeleeo Deliveries such as and not limited to, meals, cellular phone usage, motor vehicle violation tickets due to negligence.

  12. I understand that I am responsible for and not limited to maintenance and/or damage required on my motor vehicle, non-motorized mode of delivery or myself.

  13. I understand that Deeleeo Inc. does not guarantee, nor am I obligated to deliver a specific number of packages, or earn a specific amount of revenue, or work a specific number of hours, or work specific days of the week. Any revenue/pay I generate from Deeleeo Inc. will be solely for individual deliveries I accept to complete and have completed successfully.

  14. I understand that Deeleeo Inc. does not guarantee a specific or average amount of revenue/pay. I retain full control and discretion of any deliveries I choose to accept. I retain full control and discretion of the number of hours I choose to work, I retain full control and discretion of the hours and days I choose to work; thus, I retain full discretion of the potential revenue/pay I may or may not generate based on the deliveries I accept or do not accept to complete using the Deeleeo Platform.

  15. I understand that if I am a Deeleeo Delivery Subagent account holder I agree to all terms and conditions that are the same as a normal Deeleeo Delivery Agent within this agreement. 

  16. I understand that if I become a Deeleeo Delivery Agent Boss account holder that I am responsible and liable for all sub-agents within My Team. 

  17. I understand that Deeleeo Inc. does not guarantee a profit. I understand that I may incur losses due to unforeseen complications with a delivery or due to damages or penalties caused to the mode of delivery or to Deeleeo Inc. because of my negligence or failure to adhere to Canada regulatory requirements or Customer’s requests.

  18. I understand I will be charged through commission penalization, and will be notified of the penalization via email, text, phone call, or in app notification.

  19. I agree to follow and uphold all the laws and mandates of the land I operate in, including and not limited to the motor vehicle regulations, traffic laws and local health mandates while delivering for Deeleeo Inc.

  20. I understand  that upon accepting a Deeleeo I am responsible for every kind of permit, insurance requirements and equipment needed to transport such a Deeleeo. I understand that I am responsible for every kind of loss or damage, including, but not limited to, loss or damage to the Delivery Agent’s vehicle, other vehicles and/or trailers, people, and/or the Deeleeos until delivery of the Deeleeo to the Drop Off Location. 

  21. I understand that any and all “accepted” or assigned Deeleeos within my My Deeleeos tab are my responsibility to complete successfully and on time. 

  22. I understand that Deeleeo Inc. has no tolerance for and does not permit anything that is deemed contraband, illegal, or harmful by the laws of Canada and accept full responsibility and penalties due to my own actions regarding this policy.

  23. I understand, acknowledge, and give Deeleeo Inc. permission to withdraw and/or deduct payment from my earnings for the following, but not limited to:  the value of claims related to damaged packages, lost packages, any charges or penalties assessed for my failure to deliver a package on time (late pickup or drop off), liability damages to another party or parties personal property. I understand this is not a complete list of items that may arise and that Deeleeo Inc may deduct from my compensation for other reasons including unacceptable behaviour toward customers. However, I understand that I have the right to submit a Claim to Deeleeo Inc. to request a consideration of any deductions in earnings. I also understand all claims must be submitted within 48 hours of delivery, and that no claim will be processed if submitted late.

  24. I understand that I have the right to cancel a Deeleeo before Pickup, if necessary, anytime up to two (2) hours before the start time of the Pickup window with no cancellation fee. I also understand if I cancel a Deeleeo within two (2) hours or less before start time of Pickup window, I will be penalized a cancellation fee of either 50% of Deeleeo delivery fee or $5 (the larger of the two). I understand that this cancellation fee may be applied per Deeleeo within a bundle as well.

  25. I understand I have the right to refuse a Deeleeo upon pickup if it is not in good condition, prepared reasonably or does not meet the details of the job description (‘Deeleeo Details’) as defined on the Deeleeo Platform.  Should I contact the Customer and agree to the Deeleeo with additional pay, all additional charges to complete the delivery for the Customer must be agreed upon outside of the Deeleeo Platform, or else the customer must resubmit the Deeleeo.

  26. I understand that after I pick up a Deeleeo there is no option to cancel, and if I am in an unforeseen circumstance I must use the Help Me/Transfer Deeleeo option to allow a fellow Deeleeo delivery agent to come and rescue me from the Deeleeo(s). I understand I will not be paid for the Deeleeo(s) I have to transfer and I may be charged a fee depending on the situations, and I will comply with the Help Me/Transfer process.

  27. I understand that I have the ability to find a Helper Agent for larger loading and unloading if necessary. I also agree to comply with the process of finding help for loading and unloading larger Deeleeos which includes a reduction in commission earned.   

  28. I understand that in order to deliver alcohol containing Deeleeos I must have and submit to Deeleeo Inc. my province’s liquor serving certificate. 

  29. I understand that delivering an age restricted Deeleeo in contravention of local, provincial, and federal laws, as well as the Deeleeo Terms of Use, may result in penalties up to and including suspension of my account.

  30. I understand that the first time I violate the age restricted delivery laws, or any terms and processes set forth by Deeleeo, I will be penalized the greater of $25, cost of damaged/lost goods, or the entirety of the recent Deeleeo commission. I understand that the second time I violate the age restricted delivery laws, or any terms and processes set forth by Deeleeo, I will be penalized the greater of $50, cost of damaged/lost goods, or the entirety of the recent Deeleeo commission and must pass a test to be allowed to continue the platform as a Deeleeo Delivery Agent. I understand that the third time I violate the age restricted delivery laws, or any terms and processes set forth by Deeleeo, I will be penalized the greater of $100, cost of damaged/lost goods, or the entirety of the recent Deeleeo commission and my account will be suspended.

  31. I understand and agree that I am responsible for replying to text messages, email and other messages sent to me from Deeleeo Inc., and if I do not respond within the needed time frame of a Deeleeo delivery I have accepted or within 24 hours, I am subject to the penalties above. I acknowledge that I will keep frequent communication with Deeleeo, and will answer any calls when possible. 

  32. I understand that I am not permitted to smoke of any kind while delivering any Deeleeo packages, and if caught the same penalties apply from clause 30 above.

  33. I understand that I am expected to dress appropriately in [casual, business casual, smart casual, business] attire. I understand that I am expected to always present a clean, professional appearance, well-groomed and wear clean clothing, free of holes, tears or other signs of wear. Clothing with offensive or inappropriate language, designs or stamps are not allowed. Clothing should not be too revealing. Clothing and grooming styles dictated by religion or ethnicity are exempt. 

  34. I understand that if I cause any misconduct and represent Deeleeo negatively in any way, the first notice of any misconduct I may be penalized the greater of $25, cost of damaged/lost goods. I understand that on the second notice of any misconduct I may be penalized the greater of $50, cost of damaged/lost goods, and I may be suspended for a period of time. I understand that on the third notice of any misconduct I may be penalized the greater of $100 or all remaining commission in my account, and I will be banned from being a Deeleeo delivery agent.

  35. I acknowledge that Deeleeo has provided sufficient information to perform age restricted deliveries and I understand that I can learn more about the Deeleeo process from either the Deeleeo website, emails sent by Deeleeo Inc. to me, by email inquiry, by calling into Deeleeo Inc. support line, or by any other mean of communication with Deeleeo Inc.

  36. I agree to follow the guidelines set out in any training or educational information that Deeleeo Inc. provides Deeleeo Delivery Agents to respectfully and properly treat their clients, clients’ packages, the laws of the land and the citizens around them. I am responsible for abiding by all laws and regulations of the land I deliver in.

  37. I understand I am in breach of contract if I solicit any Deeleeo Partner or Customer in any way while having an active Deeleeo Delivery Agent account.

  38. I understand that if I am solicited by a Merchant or customer that I am to report who solicited to me and the details thereof to Deeleeo Admin immediately or while 24 hours of the incident. 

  39. I understand that if I accept soliciting or solicit to Merchants and/or customers then I may be banned as a Deeleeo delivery agent and Deeleeo has the right to withhold any and all payments in my Deeleeo account.

  40. I understand and acknowledge that Deeleeo Inc. will require me to complete and submit a criminal background check before I am approved to become a Deeleeo Delivery Agent.  I understand that Deeleeo Inc. will send a criminal background check to me via my email to the email I register with on the Deeleeo Platform.  I understand that I have access to the result of this criminal background check and if I hold any convictions within the last 7 years that it may prevent me from delivering for Deeleeo Inc.

  41. I understand that I am eligible to submit my own criminal record check from my local police department which must be no older than 90 days. Upon doing this I will have the registration fee waived.

  42. I agree to have my personal phone number and first name accessible to customers to whom I am providing delivery services for and Deeleeo Admin to contact you if/when necessary. 

  43. I understand that this Agreement supersedes all prior arrangements, agreements, and understandings between the parties. No addition to or modification of any provision of this Agreement will be binding upon the parties unless made by written instrument and signed by an authorized representative of each of the parties. Neither party will assign or transfer this Agreement or any of its rights or obligations herein, whether in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the other. 

  44. I understand that all Intellectual Property Rights in and to any online app, online website, software, documentation, data, information, database or product created or produced or contributed to by me, as the contractor, in performing the Services under this Agreement will be the property of Deeleeo Inc. I, as the contractor, hereby assign Deeleeo Inc. absolutely its whole right, title and interest, present and future in and to such Intellectual Property Rights free from all liens, charges and encumbrances. I, as the contractor, will provide the Deeleeo Inc. with all information which Deeleeo Inc. may reasonably request for the purpose of allowing me, as the contractor, to fully exercise its proprietary rights in any jurisdiction. 

  45. I acknowledge that my information provided to Deeleeo Inc. will remain confidential under the Deeleeo Inc. Privacy Policy (See Privacy Policy Agreement). 


I understand that Deeleeo has the right to withhold payment or penalize me if I am in breach of contract.


In consideration of the $25 registration fee paid by the Contractor, and the mutual promises and covenants contained herein, the acceptance of the forgoing terms and conditions between the parties is acknowledged by both Deeleeo Inc. and the Contractor, by virtue of Deeleeo Inc. placing these terms on its online app or website for review by the Contractor, and the Contractor agreeing to said terms by an online or app-based acceptance.